Dicktator Engine Management Systems

Dicktator Engine Management System

Valid Till End of January 2020








Dicktator Engine Management Systems are used for various fields

Factory ecu replacement systems| Lets say your BMW computer box has died and now your vehicle will not start nor would it ever again unless you buy the original ecu from the dealership but that would cost you a small fortune! Now this is where the Dicktator computer box comes in.

The Dicktator computer box is a stand alone engine management system, So before you spend thousands of rand on your factory ecu Dicktator Specialist can install a Dicktator computer box and get your car running smoothly again with half of the amound a factory computer box will cost you & in some cases you will need to have the ecu coded before it will work.

Dicktator ECU comes with a lifetime guarantee if an accredited installer installs the system and map the ecu.

Dicktator Specialist has ECU systems for most type of vehicles on our roads.

To find out if we have an ecu that can work for you please call or email.

  • Cell: 072 528 9484
  • Email: DicktatorSpecialist@Gmail.com

Please note we courier all Dicktator systems and products Nationwide.