4 Cylinder Dicktator 60-2 Package

4 Cylinder Dicktator 60-2 Package

June 26, 2022 0


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Dicktator 60-2 Upgrade Package Available For Any 4 Cylinder Engine 

  • Dicktator 60-2 ECU
  • Smart Coil Pack 4-Cylinder
  • 60-2 Crank Sensor
  • 60-2 Trigger Wheel
  • Cold Start Temp Sensor
  • Pre Tuned Startup Map
  • Plug n Play Wiring Loom

This package is suitable for any 4cylinder engine that is still making use of the factory distributor ignition system.

With our 60-2 package you will be eliminating the old distributor ignition system and making use of the wasted spark ignition system.

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